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Author: Steindl, Josef
Shelfmark: S/M.68.3
Description: "All methods of stimulating private investment are effective only in so far as they lead to an increase in exports." (Auszug, Seite 5)
Author: Steindl, Josef
Date: [04.1978]
Shelfmark: S/M.3.12
Description: A great deal of dust has settled on this little book since it was published, and the subject has been covered by other boks with more recent documentation, experience and insights. Some of my own opinions have changed and in part this reflects changes in the world. (Auszug, S. 1)
Author: Steindl, Josef
Shelfmark: S/M.3.8
Description: A theoretical discussion of the problem of size must start from the so-called "economies of large scale"; their existence is generally recognized by all economists and, as will be shown, among all the factors influencing the relative fortunes of firms of various size, they are probably the primary factor. It will be convenient to start with an exposition of the views of Alfred Marshall on the problem. (Auszug, Seite 1 des 1. Kapitels)
Author: Steindl, Josef
Shelfmark: S/M.1.5
Description: Der erste Notizblock enthält Überlegungen zur Entwicklung der Profitrate sowie zum Trend bzw. zur langen Welle im Konjunkturzyklus. Weitere Notizen beziehen sich auf diverse Autorennamen und Werke und enthalten stichwortartige Anmerkungen zu "selection process" und "evolutionary modelling".
Author: Steindl, Josef
Date: [vermutlich um 1988]
Shelfmark: S/M.1.2
Description: Der Notizblock enthält Verlagsadressen, einen Briefentwurf, Notizen zu "profit rate, trend, capital-capacity ratio, size of firms". Beim Briefentwurf handelt es sich um ein Ansuchen von Steindl an den Macmillan Verlag um Genehmigung zur Veröffentlichung seines 1978 in der "Encyclopedia of Statistics" (bzw. 1968 in der "Encyclopedia of Social Sciences") erschienenen Aufsatzes "Size Distribution in Economics".
Author: Steindl, Josef
Shelfmark: S/M.1.3
Description: Die kurzen Notizen enthalten Hinweise auf Artikel aus der Business Week vom 9. November 1987 zu Anlageverhalten von insitutionellen Anlegern und einem Interview mit John Reed von Citycorp über den Börsenkrach vom Oktober 1987, sowie weitere Notizen zu den Themen Kapitalertrag (capital gains), Wertsteigerung, steuerliche Begünstigung des Ertrages versus Behandlung der Dividenden und zwei handschriftliche Tabellen mit Daten zur Industrieproduktion in der Tschechoslovakei aus dem Jahr 1992.
Author: Steindl, Josef
Shelfmark: S/M.45.1
Description: For the purposes of my theory I need two hypotheses: 1) Beyond a point the stimulation of private investment must lead to the creation of new capacity. This is because the possibilities of replacing old equipment prematurely by technically superior new equipment are getting exhausted after a time, because you cannot go on reducing the life-time of equipment indefinetely. 2) There is a very strong tendency to dump the output of new capacity abroad and not on the home market. Firms prefer to leave the oligopolistic equilibrium in the home market undisturbed and retain traditional mark up there. Their aggressive behaviour is turned towards the foreign markets where they compete with all means especually price competition. (Auszug, S. 6)
Author: Steindl, Josef
Shelfmark: S/M.62.2
Description: In this paper Steindl analyses his own approach to the underconsumption problem and the transition from a competitive to an oligopolistic economy - based on his elaborations in "Small and Big Business".
Author: Steindl, Josef
Shelfmark: S/M.28.1
Description: Kaldor, Pasinetti, Quesnay, Tableau Economique, Reproduction Schemata, Ruin.
Author: Steindl, Josef
Date: [04.1978]
Shelfmark: S/M.3.9
Description: Several decades after the first publication of this little book I do not find myself in full agreement with everything it contains. Since I have no time to re-write it completely I better leave it as it stands and try to explainin the following what amendemnts I should have liked to make. (Auszug, S. 1)

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